No one likes indigestion. Having an upset stomach can cause all kinds of discomfort, and the key to not feeling like crap is in maintaining healthy digestive health.

Yes, you may know that consuming more fiber, green leafy veggies and water is the way to go, but according to one study, everyone should be eating one vegetable that promotes a healthy gut.

Researchers from Pennsylvania State University executed an experiment that was published in the Journal of Functional Foods and was conducted to conclude how certain veggies contribute to the elimination of digestive issues such as colitis and a leaky gut.

The researchers examined two genetic lines of mice. One had a low ability to maintain a healthy balance in the gut flora, the other had a high ability to protect against toxins.

In order to determine  which veggies worked the most effectively, the scientists fed both groups broccoli. The vegetable contains an organic compound that is associated with immune and gut surveillance. The researchers then added a substance known to cause digestive issues to the mice’s meals.

The AJC reports that in addition to promoting digestive health, vegetables such as broccoli, brussels spouts and cabbage may assist in prevention various cancers and Crohn’s disease, which are both caused by inflammation in the gut’s lining, the study says.