Few things are worse than being dumped during the holiday season. But if you happen to be on the receiving end of “It’s just not working,” you’re in luck. It’s a blessing not to go into the New Year with old baggage, and although you may not immediately be able see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s there.

Here are three ways to heal from heartache:

1. Stay Busy.

Chances are you’ve neglected a lot of things for the sake of your relationship, such as working out, hanging with friends and taking some much needed “me time” to handle tasks. Now is the time to not just be busy but also productive. If you’re in school and working a full-time job, throw yourself into your studies. Catch up with that friend you haven’t seen in a while and/or simply chase peace. These options are necessarily cures for your broken heart  because you need to address your feelings at all times, but it is certainly much needed.

2. Set a Deadline for Your Grieving.

While you cannot rush the healing process, life must go on. Give yourself a couple of weeks or months to process your breakup, but do not allow yourself to live in the space of depression and self-loathing. Use your time to prepare for your real love through reflection and understanding exactly why your relationship did not work out. Be willing to let go of past baggage and say no to allowing it to enter your new relationship. In other words, take this time not to sulk, but to get ready for love again …  whenever than may be.

3. Say No to Rebounds.

I’m not gonna lie, distractions are awesome, but they’re awesome only if you are willing to be unapologetically selfish and disregard anyone’s feelings but your own. That’s ridiculous. Telling someone that you just want to screw or whatever doesn’t absolve you of being a decent human being. Take responsibility for your actions and act unavailable, because right now you are. No one deserves to feel the pain that you feel due to your selfishness.