Thinning edges are not uncommon. Your temples and hairline are incredibly sensitive, and research tells us that any damage of the hair will typically be seen here, first. Check out our reasons as to why your edges might be thinning and how to get the glory back in your crown.

Aside from major issues like scalp psoriasis, dermatitis or other severe skin and scalp issues, some us are voluntarily forcing our edges to go running.

Weaves are fabulous, but let Naomi Campbell’s horrific edge-less photo serve as a cautionary tale to those that tightly braid up their manes for months, eventually ripping edges clean from the scalp. If you’re having edge issues, work with your stylist to create a look that allows you to leave some hair out.

Another major culprit of thinning edges is excessive relaxing. Honey, let that hair breath. A little texture never hurt anybody. Everyone knows that the general timeline for relaxer touch-ups is six – eight weeks, but many professional stylists relax according to the specific needs of the client, which usually leads to longer periods in between relaxing. Smart thinking. The main sufferers are impatient at-home relaxers. One kink pops up and you dash to the nearest beauty supply store. Stop that. Breakage is more likely to occur and you’re steadily weakening your edges. Combine that with heat-styling, smoothing, pulling and nightly wrapping, and you’re left with incredibly weak edges that will surely fall out.

Naturals, I’m coming for you, too. Smoothing your puff back with a tight headband every single day will surely lead to thin edges (not to mention loose, limp curls).  The perpetual ponytail wearers should also know that they’re putting tons of unnecessary stress on their edges on a daily basis.

The solution? Relaxed beauties should have their stylist incorporate a bi-weekly protein treatment into their regimen. The potent treatment will strengthen hair and promote growth.  Develop a routine of wearing loose, free-flowing styles and use a growth-promoting serum like Jane Carter Scalp Nourishing Serum (Target, $14) directly on thinning areas. Try a thickening biotin-infused shampoo like Mill Creek Biotene H-24 Shampoo, $5, and work inside out by taking Reserveage Organics Keratin Booster with Biotin & Resveratrol, $40.