Twenty-seventeen has already been a GREAT year for Oprah. Still on a high from her interview with Michelle Obama, the media icon continues to do what she does best: be a champion for our stories.

Though her production company, Harpo, Winfrey acquired the film rights to the wildly popular book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks in 2010, and the project seemed to languish in development for years.

Henrietta Lacks Film

Based on Rebecca Skloot’s nonfiction tome about a Black woman whose cells were taken without her consent and used to develop a host of medical breakthroughs, like the polio vaccine, gene mapping, cloning, and in vitro fertilization, the film adaptation will be told from her daughter Deborah’s (played by Winfrey) perspective.

After the record breaking success of Black-centered projects like, Hidden FIgures,  The New Edition Story and HBO’s hit Insecure, it’s great to see diverse representation of our stories on big and small screens. Not only is it great for our culture, but it’s adding up to be great for business as well.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks will air on Saturday, April 22 at 8pm on HBO. Will you be watching?