Beauty products are oftentimes geared toward women. In the past, men wouldn’t do much to their faces outside of a shave or a weekly shape-up at the barbershop. Some men would probably only wash their faces with the same bar of soap they'd bathed with and go about their business. Or they would probably use a three-in-one cleanser for the face, body, and hair.

Things have changed.

Nowadays, most skin care products are for unisex use. Acne, dark spots, inflammation, dryness and other skin afflictions don't discriminate between the sexes. Face rollers are a great way to revitalize your skin, reduce puffiness or define your contours. It's great that the tools invented to aid us against those things can be used by both men and women and can be shared by them at home.

Whether you want to get rid of puffiness or highlight your jawline, try these four face tools—that can be used by both men and women—at home.

We love using this ultra luxe roller for defining our jawline.

ReFa Carat Face Roller, $220,
Use this face roller to help drain excess fluids and reduce inflammation.

Susanne Kaufmann Obsidian Face Roller, $330,
Made of Borosilicate glass containing cold liquid—the perfect materials for a refreshingly cold facial massage— supercharge the effect by utilizing them when wearing sheet masks.

Fraîcheur Ice Globes Cooling Facial Tool Collection, $60,
Roll away pimples, pain, pressure, and puffiness with this jade gadget (that also comes with a cool gua sha).

Zen + Origin Jade Roller for Facial Massage and Gua Sha Stone Set, $16,