After launching a creepy ad involving a little girl, taxes, and a rabbit last month, Herman Cain has said he’d be open to conversing with likely GOP nominee, Mitt Romney, about possibly being his running mate. Even though Cain stepped out of the primary race in January, he threw whatever weight he had behind former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (Ga.). Now, when speaking to The Hill’s Alicia Cohn, Cain said, “I would say, ‘Let’s talk,” in regards to negotiating becoming Romney’s vice president.

The former Godfather’s pizza CEO’s appearance on “Fox and Friends” warranted a hesitant reaction from fellow members in his party. When asked how he would react to a possible request, Cain quipped, “It’s not a slam-dunk.” Interestingly enough, not much has been mentioned of Cain’s controversial allegations of sexual misconduct, but he has sided with New Jersey governor Chris Christie on the issue of entitlement and says men are more familiar with Obama’s polices than “other people.” Cain’s attempt to pander into the vice president’s slot doesn’t seem to be resonating much with members of his own party, as his latest ad, where a farmer is devoured by his own chickens, hasn’t impressed political pundits at all.