Sites all over the limitless Internet focus their content to be a treasure trove of entertainment and information on a wide array of subjects, but we can only spend but so much time in front of our screens. For almost a decade now, the popular alternative for finding entertaining online content has been the podcast, or online radio show. Podcasts provide an instantaneous way to digest current information while maintaining our own regularly scheduled programming (such as going to work or exercising).

The iTunes Store is littered with popular podcasts—there are over 100,000 shows to choose from. Below, we’ve selected a few successful movers and shakers within the Black podcast community in hopes that you find a special place for them on your most coveted listening devices.

The Combat Jack Show

No stranger to the wonderfully eccentric world of hip-hop, Reggie Ossé has proven to be an established authority in all things dope within the entertainment industry. The attorney and author has added radio personality to his long list of accomplishments. With The Combat Jack Show—featuring Dallas Penn and a colorful cast of characters discussing hip-hop culture, fashion, music and current events—this gang of genius goons have clocked in close to 100 episodes, and has quickly become the go-to-place to hear your favorite stars share memorable tales. The show’s own legend continues to grow as Reggie and his #Newmanti crew have had some seriously outrageous, classic interviews. From taking an interesting look at racism in America to Just Blaze putting DJ Premier in the hot seat, The Combat Jack Show is only getting started raising hell and is a must-listen show for the Internet generation.

Sneaker Fiends Unite!

If by now you’re still unfamiliar with the name Dallas Penn, then you seriously need to consider getting out of the dial-up era this instant. The popular “Internets celebrity,” and co-host of the equally awesome The Combat Jack Show, has maintained a credo to espouse truth to the web through being a gangster griot, and a purveyor of all things fresh. Armed with a knack for being able to separate real shoes from the fake, the heavyweight IC developed Sneaker Fiends Unite!—a podcast for the sole-obsessed sneakerhead. With SneakerTube TV founder Premium Pete as the co-pilot for the ride, Penn aims to keep you laced up and dripped out in the crispiest kicks.

Reality Check

Reality Check features JasFly and NY Delight, who were also both previously associated with The Combat Jack Show, and are extremely exciting personalities, covering all things related to hip-hop culture, lifestyle, sex and more—filtered through a dope-colored lens. Full of colorful conversation, these two Gotham City gals keep it extra funky, making for some insightful commentary. The organic podcast has quickly reached double-digit episode numbers, and has found web-stars and legends such as Lowkey (of You Heard That New) and Just Blaze stopping by to drop insightful gems for the Internet masses. Whether Delight and Jas are breaking down the dos and don’ts of cuffing season, taking a stance against cyber bullying, or just having a fun time with one another, this is a show that aims to keep it extra real.

Tell Me More

Hosted by award-winning journalist Michel Martin, Tell Me More aims to frame issues relevant to multicultural life in America and present them in crystal clear tones. The one-hour series focuses on the way cultural diversity intersects and collides in today’s world. Each show features a healthy dosage of segments examining news inside and outside the United States, faith and spirituality, arts and culture. Powered by an energetic passion, Martin’s role as NPR host is solely dedicated to creating sharp debate about the important issues facing our world today. If you find yourself unable to tune into Meet the Press, then Tell Me More is just the conversation needed to make your daily commute all the more enjoyable.

Mixed Chicks Chat

Hosts Fanshen Cox and Heidi Durrow tackle racial identity in humorous tones on Mixed Chicks Chat. This live podcast about being racially and culturally mixed launched in 2007, but has grown to become an edutaining look at what it is like to grow up with two different heritages. After being voted Best Podcast by the Black Weblog Awards, Mixed Chicks Chat offers audiences a chance to share their own memories while learning new and unique ways to combat racial insensitivity. The dynamic duo is full of effervescent personality, engaging wit and sharp humor. Never missing a beat, these two leave no doubt that racism in America is real, yet offer strong witticisms to arm their listener with throughout their own journey. Both Cox and Durrow strip themselves down to the bone in order to hit conversational spots that would make others uncomfortable. If you’re looking to find a show that can be a little edgy or controversial, Mixed Chicks Chat is just the podcast to keep you informed and engaged.

Kevin L. Clark heads Don’t Lose Your Day Job, a website for video game enthusiasts. You can keep up to date with the latest from him on Twitter @DLYDJ.