A high school principal in Cincinnati who said the n-word during a staff meeting a few months ago repeated the slur in front of a Black student, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Kings High School Principal Doug Leist was not reprimanded for using the racial slur, despite at least one person having raised objections.

Kings Superintendent Tim Ackermann confirmed with Cincinatti.com that he received the complaints, but he seemingly defended Leist because the principal used the term to convey inappropriate language.

“We’re learning that even using it specifically, there were still people offended by it,” Ackermann said, “and we have to learn from that.”

The superintendent added that Leist, who’s been principal since 2014, created a diversity and inclusion task force at the school.

Controversy has already surrounded the school district this year. In January, a Kings recreational basketball team wore jerseys with “Co*n” and “Knee Grow” written on them; a few weeks later, a Black janitor found a noose hanging from a school dumpster, and teachers reportedly made comments about deporting students.

During the first incident, Leist said the N-word when discussing “intolerant social media activity from students,” per the report. In another incident, in September he reportedly asked a student “Does the song say ‘n—a’?” in relation to a dance routine that was to be performed at a pep rally.

“He could’ve easily said ‘the n-word’ or ‘inappropriate language,’ and I would have got the point,” the student wrote in an email to the Enquirer. ”I was extremely uncomfortable.”

Leist told the Enquirer the student asked what was wrong with the words in the song and that he “answered his question.”

“With all the things that have happened there, I don’t think they get it,” Joe Mallory, the Cincinnati NAACP’s first vice president told the Enquirer. “If they did any type of training, it didn’t work.”