Hip Hop is for Lovers is a multimedia website and radio show that explores love, sex and intimacy through the lens of hip-hop culture. Founder Uche W is a freelance creative and bookkeeper. She spends her spare time baking, brunching and bouncing around to hip-hop shows and events in NYC. She co-hosts the Hip Hop is for Lovers podcast every Wednesday with Lenée V, a creative professional and sometimes community educator who crochets, loves karaoke and does a mean body roll. The NYC and Philadelphia-based team is rounded out by BrownSugarBabe, who runs social media for HH4L and popular video blogger XD, who is developing a special show for HH4L’s LGBT audience. Uche sat down with us to explain how the musical movement came to be:

I started Hip-Hop is 4 Lovers following a random conversation I had with some women friends of mine regarding music we listen to when we want to set a romantic mood or just want to feel sexy. During the conversation, I found myself mentioning more hip-hop songs than the other women, who would respond with  “Oh yeah, I forgot about that song.” It got me to thinking about how much I identify with the culture of hip-hop and how sex and intimacy is viewed within that culture. Ultimately, I started HH4L to have an honest conversation around sex and intimacy with others in the culture of Hip Hop. I believe that hip-hop’s voice on sex and intimacy is multifaceted and layered with music that speaks to many different experiences and those songs should be highlighted.

We want to be the premier radio website for everything love, sex and Intimacy related for hip-hop. We also want to create a culture of understanding and an open dialogue regarding the topics we cover. The reality is now you have hip-hop parents and even some hip-hop grandparents. If we can educate them regarding sex, intimacy and love through a culture they understand, then it becomes apart of the culture. It becomes information that is passed along to other generations that are now growing up completely in the culture of Hip Hop. 

Hip Hop is for Lovers’ Top-5 Hip-Hop Love Songs

Kinda Live by Guilty Simpson

“Baby girl I must admit you thorough” We choose this song because it’s a genuine love song. It’s a special ode to the woman in his life. It speaks to the appreciation he has for what she brings. He creates authentic feeling for the listener that says it’s ok to feel this way and verbalize it to your significant other.

Be With You by David Banner & 9th Wonder (ft Ludacris and Marsha Ambrosius)

“All you gotta do is close your eyes and come with me girl” David Banner and Ludacris talks to us about wanting to be with a woman romantically in what we consider to be a “grown mans holla.” Its very adult and responsible in its approach. The tone set by 9th Wonder’s production with Marsha Ambrosius on backing vocals makes this the ultimate 2 step jam for hip-hop lovers.

Ms Fat Booty by Mos Def

“Burning Candles/ all my other plans got canceled” B-boy meets girl, B-boy loves girl, B-boy loses girl. Mos Def’s Ms. Fat Booty is nothing short of a HH4L classic.  In this song, Mos goes in depth in telling the story of his infatuation and ultimate disappointment in his paramour’s unwillingness to commit.

U&Me&EveryoneWeKnow by Jean Grae

“I think too much. Overanalyzing everything sucks” From the upcoming album Cake or Death, Jean talks about loving someone well after the breakup. Her lyrics tell the story of longing and having the realization that it is time to move forward without that someone.

Beautiful Skin by Goodie Mob

“I love when I look at you/ I see my reflection/ So I offer my love, protection, and affection” Oozing the sticky sweet goodness of Cee-Lo’s soaring vocals and some of the most loving verses in the history of rap, “Beautiful Skin” is an overture to the beauty of black women. Each verse is a personal ode or individual love letter to women in each member’s lives.  Definitely a classic, and a favorite of ours here at HH4L.