Beautiful men understand the importance of good grooming. Top male celebs are fine for a reason. They make no qualms about keeping their skin in tip top shape for their never-ending appearances. Though having a team of specialists in place is possible for these stars, the men below like to take matters into their own hands. See which products keep these guys on perpetual heartthrob status. 

Laz Alonso is serious about his skincare game. The gentleman, and star of new NBC series "Infamous" is not ashamed to run down the best products in his arsenal. The actor uses Nettoyant Visage cleanser by Guinot, which is great for oilier skin. He exfoliates with Shiseido Men Deep Cleansing Scrub and moisturizes with Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturizer—a brand all men should get to know. 

"Scandal" star Columbus Short says he was simply blessed with “good genes,” and keeps a fairly low maintenance regimen. The actor hates makeup but loves his gentle Cetaphil cleanser, which is perfect to use on any skin type. 

According to comedian Kevin Hart, “Your face is your money.” The funny man is a fan of the Crème De La Mer Moisturizing Cream and La Mer The Eye Concentrate, which keeps him looking fresh after traveling all over world. Not mad at that. 

Hosea Chanchez, better known as Malik on BET’s "The Game", quenches his dry skin by using Neutrogena Body Oil as soon as he exits the shower. Damp skin better absorbs moisturizing creams and oils. Skip the towel, splash on some oil and pat dry. Your skin will thank you. 

For those suffering from eczema, singer Mario uses Comfort Zone’s Man's Space products to calm his itchy, inflamed skin. 

3 Tips to Maintaining Better Skin: 

1. Exfoliate at least three times a week. Those that shave regularly should definitely adhere to this rule. Bearded men, too. 

2. Do get facials. Address the specific needs of your skin type by getting a monthly facial with a trained esthetician. 

3. Many men substitute body lotions for actual moisturizer. These products usually contain harsh irritants that aren’t suitable for your face and could be contributing to breakouts. Invest in a moisturizer specifically created for your face.