The medical world is abuzz with the news of Truvada potentially getting passed by the Food and Drug Administration as early as this week. The groundbreaking pills have shown to have the ability to prevent HIV contraction for people without the disease. Shown to be safe and effective when tested, scientists stress that the pill has only works when taken on a daily basis. After a positive review on Tuesday, the FDA plans to meet on Thursday to discuss what could potentially eliminate the spread of the 31-year-old sickness that 1.2 million currently have in the United States.

Healthy gay and bisexual men, with the use of condoms, cut their risk of contraction of HIV by 44 percent with the drug. With heterosexual couples, Truvada reduced infection by 75 percent in relationships where one partner had the disease and the other did not. Truvada is already on the market to manage the health of people with HIV; if approved by the FDA it would be sold by its maker, Gilead Sciences, for its new use.