Mothers are known for having the last word when it comes to their children, and Tupac Shakur's mother Afeni Shakur is no exception. Ever since reports have revealed "Holler If You Hear Me," a Tupac musical, to be in the works, everyone has been giving their two cents as to whether or not they support this project. Well, the highly-acclaimed Broadway director Kenny Leon recently invited Afeni Shakur to a rough screening of the production, which he has spearheaded and directed, so that he would be able to gain Shakur's approval. Appeasing the late rapper's mother is no easy feat, given her reputation as being very protective of her son's name and music. Yet Leon's production seems to have made quiet the impact on Shakur who was reportedly "ecstatic" about what she had seen.

Seeing as Leon has gotten the go-ahead from his most important critic, he should be able to breathe a bit easier and continue on with production. Although no dates have been set yet, casting may begin as soon as next week. "Holler If You Hear Me" will not be about Tupac's life directly, but instead centers on the lives of two childhood friends from a Midwestern industrial city and their extended families. Still, Leon claims that the whole idea was inspired by Tupac's discography and lyrics, and that the script will largely reflect what he believes to be the brilliance behind the rapper's music.

Does hip-hop have a place on the Great White Way? Will Broadway accept what is shaping up to be one of its most unconventional productions to date?