After more than a decade of Hollywood, Florida residents calling to rename the streets honoring Confederate generals in the city’s black neighborhoods, the commission has voted to move forward.

According to reports, the committee voted on two key measures. One measure will have the city waive its policy of conducting a poll of residents that would be affected by the name change to avoid any tensions. The second proposal called for a dual naming system for the streets over two years so people could get used to the new names, before the old names of “Lee,” “Forrest” and “Hood” completely disappear.

The streets were named to honor Civil War Generals, Robert E. Lee, John Bell Hood, and Nathan Bedford Forrest. Forrest was considered the father of the Ku Klux Klan.

“It is time to change the names and the time is now. Hollywood has a proud history as a multicultural and non-discriminatory city, and we the Commission have an obligation to ensure that legacy to our residents in a consistent and timely manner,” said Commissioner Debra Case. “We must do the right thing. And we must do it now. In conclusion, I support the street name change of Forrest, Lee, and Hood.”

The commission will vote on the overall issue on Aug. 30.