Even though it feels as if Mother Nature is playing a cruel joke on us here in the East and in the Midwest, Spring is officially less than 3 weeks away. You know what that means? Out with the old, and in the with new! But, let's not get too ahead of ourselves. A fresh spring look doesn't have to equal an empty wallet. Get into these projects from your household items and follow my DIY mantra: UPcycle, reuse, then reduce.

1. Use Wine Bottles as Lighting Accessories 

This horrible weather has made for a lot of wine and Netflix nights. Instead of hauling all those bottles out to the garbage (no judgment), transform them into beautiful lighting accessories. This quick and simple DIY tutorial will have you wanting to drink more wine… as if you needed a reason.

2. Use Unique Mason Jars for Storage

There are several uses for old mason jars. They are great for storage and can go anywhere because of their clean aesthetic. If you want to add a little flavor, you can spray paint them or add sand or glitter to the inside for a personal touch.


3. Make Seat Cushions Out of Sweaters

Winter weather is the antithesis of exercise for some. Some clothes may fit a bit snug than they did before. That doesn’t mean that you need to get rid of them completely. Take a look at this tutorial on how to turn your old classic sweaters into seat cushions.

4. Convert Your Wastebasket into a Side Table

This is a 2 step DIY project.

1.     Spray paint an old metal wastebasket.

2.     Put that thing down, flip it, and let it dry. Voila, a new side table.

5. Make Old Dishes the Centerpiece 

Spring is usually the time where people revamp their homes. You can relish in your new dish set without letting your old faithful set feel abandoned. 

6. Flip Old Drawers into Bulletin Boards

Before you throw out your old dresser, save a drawer or two to use as a bulletin/wish board above your desk. All you need to do is place a piece of cardboard in the drawer and cover it with some fabric. You can even paint the drawer to match your room’s theme.

7. Use Book Pages As Place Settings

Books are so precious. You almost feel bad for getting rid of them. Find the happy medium by displaying your literary treasures in the form of a table runner. 

-Vanessa Wells

Vanessa Wells, is a NYC comprehensive interior designer for Rodney Lawrence Inc as well as her freelance company rouz design.