1. New and Improved
“We eliminated a big bedroom to create this large common area that could function for lounging, dining, cooking and working,” says Colding of the room that became the den. “The couple was very open to color and bright, bold pattern. So we went wild!” The color scheme was built around the bright accent chair that added “a bit of spice.” The concrete-looking walls provided the room’s neutral base and were achieved with wallpaper instead of a pricey cement treatment.

2. Color Contrast
“People are afraid of dark colors in small spaces, but I believe [they shouldn’t be],” the designer says of this black-and-white alcove trimmed with molding and a wallpapered ceiling for added dimension. “If you have a small, cozy space, emphasize it. Don’t fight it. That’s where the drama works best.” For the couple, who recently welcomed a baby girl, this room was easily converted into a nursery, thanks to magenta and orange linens for an instant burst of bold color (not shown).

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