The Girl Scouts an iconic American institution that offers savory cookies that make people swoon, but one New-York based group is causing waves another way.

Girl Scout Troop 6000 consists of members who are or have been homeless.

The troop was started last year by Giselle Burgess who, alongside the Girl Scouts of Greater New York and New York City’s Department of Homeless services, wanted to provide the group of girls a sense of reassurance that they were a part of a larger community, NY 1 reports.

“We’re scared, we’re nervous, and we don’t know what’s going in the situation as an adult, so imagine how they must feel,” Burgess told NY 1. “I definitely felt that they needed to be able to connect with someone, with peers that are living through the same situations that they have.”

Troop 6000 has 300 members but has plans to expand to 500 girls a part of 15 shelters across the city. When it first launched, they had eight girls.

“I was scared, I was lonely, I didn’t know what to do,” said a member of the troop. “I wasn’t trusting myself, and I was just kind of like heartbroken because I didn’t like that I was going through this and I didn’t know why I was.”

The troop is raising money for their uniforms, trips and activities through their cookie sales. They can be found at the Kellogg’s store in NYC’s Union Square.