Some call it a reboot, others a remake and a few a remix. This ain't that. You often hear powerhouse college football teams say “we don’t rebuild, we reload.” Well, JET is ready. As you might’ve heard by now, JET is back like they never left. Gone are the weekly magazines that you’ve loved for the last 70+ years. JET is instead, the seminal and original Black brand, the official agency of record of culture that that the brand has always been but better, bolder and Blacker.

To start, JET is partnering with the House Party franchise to promote the new and hilarious House Party, the 2023 edition, in theaters January 13, 2023.  If you must ask why, it’s because JET was a part of one of the most iconic Black comedies ever—the original House Party. We all know the scene, but let’s set the stage. The year is 1990, you see Bilal, played by Martin Lawrence, as we enter his room. He’s on the phone with Kid complaining that Play is late picking him up, and what do you see: JET magazines covering every spot on his bedroom walls like custom-made wallpaper.  This was a very familiar scene played out in real life in boy’s bedrooms across the world. It was an all-organic, unprecedented brand placement, creating one of the most iconic images burned in the minds of House Party fans to this day. 

Iconic hip hop duo Kid n' Play recreate their JET cover. Image: courtesy of JET.
The cast of new House Party. Image: courtesy of JET.

Which brings us full circle to the new House Party movie, produced by Lebron James and Maverick Carter’s Springhill Company, featuring two house cleaners who decide to throw a party at Lebron James’ house. The movie stars Jacob Latimore who you might recognize from the TV show The Chi and Tosin Cole, who most recently played Medgar Evers in Till, another film that also features a prominent connection to JET.  Much like JET has reloaded, so has the House Party franchise. This movie is not a carbon copy, or a mimic to relive the glory days of previous House Party films, although there are some direct throwbacks—it is its own movie and it’s a good one too. It’s the perfect movie to warm you up during those winter months, filled with laughs, drama and a damn good time. It also features some unexpected surprises and cameos from everybody and their mama, literally.

Comedian HaHa Davis holding up a custom JET "House Party" sweatshirt. Image: courtesy of JET.

To memorialize the connection of these two iconic brands, limited edition House Party x JET “bootleg” T-shirts and crewnecks were created live onsite at the Los Angeles premiere.  House Party and JET combining forces to create a cultural moment just makes too much sense.  Check out House Party in theaters everywhere NOW!  And connect with JET on Instagram @getjetmag & on Twitter @JET.  You can also create your own cover and share your personal “JET Story” at