Housekeeper LaKaiya Harris is suing the Winans’ family church in federal court, accusing the gospel collective of forcing her to donate parts of her salary while working for the organization.

Harris filed charges against Detroit’s Perfecting Church, run by the Winans’, claiming church officials charged her $500 a month to live in the church home while unfairly profiting from her employment.

WDIV/Local 4 reports:

“Harris said she only made $18,000 a year and the church expected her to pay utilities, including the cost of the burglar alarm, which was $250.

“In the lawsuit, Harris says she had no extra spending money, and when the church came looking for more money, she said she refused to pay.

“The lawsuit says church officials manipulated time clock records to avoid paying Harris for overtime. It also says the church had an unlawful time docking policy for late arrivals.

“The church is accused of deducting annual “kitchen dues” for using a church kitchen and ordered kickback wages, essentially requiring employees to contribute money to gifts for church supervisors.”

LaKaiya also claims once Rev. Marvin Winans discovered she wasn’t tithing, he told her “Well, that pretty much terminates your employment with us. You can go ahead and proceed with the exit interview.” Watch the full report below.