While he may not be making any music or films, Ray-J certainly has a knack for staying in the media's spotlight. Mostly known for the famous women he associates himself with, most notably Kim Kardashian and Whitney Houston, Ray-J caused quite a ruckus on the blogosphere when rumors of a skirmish at the Billboard Awards involving himself and Whitney's daughter Bobbi Kristina circulated. 

Apparently, Ray-J was reportedly physically removed from the venue after refusing to leave a seat beside the Houston family. However, Pat Houston, the late singer's sister-in-law, has come out to tell her side of the incident. When Houston learned of Ray-J's being removed, Houston insists that she told the security officers to "stand down" and that, as the ticket holder of the section, she had no qualms about allowing Ray-J to stay. According to Pat Houston, being the woman of "order and dignity" that she is, she insists that she would have played no part in making such a scene or public commotion.