The highly anticipated Oprah interview with Whitney Houston's family members Bobby Kristina (daughter), Patricia Houston (sister-in-law), and Gary Houston (brother) revealed a great deal of intimate information on Whitney's life. Former manager to Whitney, Patricia Houston was asked how much of an influence Bobby Brown played in Houston's downward spiral. She veered away from any accusatory responses, instead choosing to focus on what she believed to be the "truth" — namely outside pressures and demands made by those around Whitney. 

“I can’t say that he introduced drugs to her; I don’t think that’s true," said Patricia. "Bobby and I had a good relationship. [Whitney] would say, ‘You’re always trying to protect him.’ I said, ‘No, I’m protecting truth… I can’t do it any other way.'" 

When asked of everyone whether Bobby Brown introduced Whitney to drugs and if they held any resentment towards the R&B performer, the consensus was a resounding 'no,'  a statement contrary to public sentiment. The family also disclosed that Whitney's death was completely unexpected and that no indications, such as excessive partying or extreme behavior, had been made.

In regards to Bobby Kristina, she and Houston had apparently been gearing up for the launch of Bobby Kristina's burgeoning career right before her passing. The interview remained somber and reflective, with Bobby Kristina declaring, "I still feel her present and hear her voice."

The exclusive interview will air again today throughout the evening on OWN in case you missed out on the premiere. Any lingering questions or reservations on Whitney, her marriage, and her death will be made clearer to viewers, and hopefully the Houston family will be able to continue mourning in peace.

Did the interview provide greater insight about Whitney's life?