James Madison High School located in the Hiram Clarke area of Houston announced a new dress policy for parents and guests beginning this month.

According to local news station KPRC 2, the new guidelines included bans anyone being on school premises wearing satin caps/bonnets, shower caps, hair rollers, pajamas and other revealing clothing.

The dress code provided was sent home on a school letter written by the principal Carlotta Outley Brown that stated, “Parents, we do value you as a parent in your child’s education. You are your child’s first teacher. However, please know we have to have standards. Most of all, we must have high standards.”

The policy comes just two weeks after reports that James Madison High School turned away Joselyn Lewis, a mother trying to enroll her daughter, because of what she was wearing and what was on her head.

Other Madison High School parents told the news station the new dress code is unfair to some degree.

“I think it’s ridiculous because they don’t know the situation. I had an emergency today,” one parent who had on a bonnet said.

Lisa Hubbard, another parent, called out the sentiments in the letter saying, “If I go into school, I’m going to go in presentable, but I have this on my head. I don’t see how this sets a bad example for a child.”