Houston police have arrested another suspect in connection with the killing of Takeoff of the Migos, reports CNN.

On Thursday evening, Patrick Xavier Clark was arrested on the east side of Houston and charged with murder. He is currently being held on a $2 million bond.

Clark's arrest follows the arrest of Cameron Joshua last month who was charged with the unlawful carrying of a weapon. The authorities said that Joshua was at the scene of the crime and was “in possession of a weapon (and) he’s a felon.”

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner praised Takeoff for his reputation of being a class act.

“We lost a good man,” Finner said during the news conference. “I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting him but everybody, the hundreds of people that I’ve talked to, spoke on what a great individual he was.”

Police Sgt. Michael Burrow said at the news conference that the shooting was the result of a dispute over a game of dice and Takeoff was "an innocent bystander." 

"I can tell you that Takeoff was not involved in playing the dice game. He was not involved in the argument that happened outside. He was not armed," Burrow told reporters.

“We were able to deduce that Patrick Clark is the lethal shooter in the case, and that’s why he’s being charged with murder,” Burrow continued.

Authorities estimate that over 30 people were present when Takeoff was shot but no one stayed to answer questions from investigators.

"Literally every single one of those people left the scene without giving a statement to police," Burrow said, adding that they had to track down people later that night and in the days after.

Although two suspects have been arrested, law enforcement is still seeking answers and helpful information from eyewitnesses.

"It's important that those people come forward, and we're still looking to talk to a lot of those people," he said.

"We had to sift through all of that and use physical evidence, and use shooting reconstruction, and confirm a lot of our ballistic evidence. What weapons were involved?" continued Burrow. "And through that, we were able to deduce that Patrick Clark is the legal shooter in the case. That's why he's being charged with murder."

This isn’t the first time that Clark has been at the center of a deadly shooting incident. In February 2018, he was allegedly involved in a shooting at a nightclub along North Shepherd Drive where a victim died after a customer opened fire inside the business, prompting security guards to fire back, stated police. Clark was targeted as a suspect in the case, but a Harris County grand jury ruled that there wasn't enough evidence to indict him.