After a 2016 report which revealed the American Red Cross spent a quarter of the donations they received for the Haiti earthquake of 2010, a number of people have since been skeptical about the nonprofit organization.

Among those not holding the Washington D.C. based institution in high favor is Houston city councilman Dave Martin. Last Wednesday, the city council held a meeting addressing the ruinous effects of Hurricane Harvey which hit the city in late August. During the discussion, Martin questioned why the Red Cross appeared to be taking credit for relief efforts he said were carried out by local government and pleaded with attendees not to donate any money to the company.

“Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your money. Give it to another cause,” Martin said in reference to the nonprofit which he prefers to refer to as the “Red Loss.”

When the Red Cross was questioned about the accuracy of its claim that 91 cents of each dollar donated goes towards relief efforts, NPR discovered it wasn’t fully representative of the cost of internal expenses. Yet, during an August interview in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Red Cross president Gail J. McGovern still cited the figure when asked about the allocation of donations on CBS This Morning.