This week we caught up with Nettie Davis, a freelance editorial and celebrity nail artist based in West Hollywood, CA. Popping up all over the place (like Nettie’s work) the pyramid design can definitely be classified as a popular nail art choice. Savoring the final days of summer, we’re in ‘bright color heaven’ thanks to the pretty, gradient twist.

Read on to learn which six colors were used to create this manicure, plus find out more about the nail artist behind it.

EBONY: Nettie, what inspired the design?

ND: The design was inspired by the pyramids of Egypt.

EBONY: What materials were used to create the design?

ND: To create the design, I used a sponge, size eight round nail brush, acetone, gold hardware, Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, “Pinta” by Zoya, “Tilda” by Zoya, “Topless and Barefoot” by Essie, “Where’s My Chauffeur” by Essie, “Bottoms Up” by China Glaze, and “You Drive Me Coconuts” by China Glaze.

EBONY: What do you feel is your artistic significance when it comes to nail art?

ND: I love color and everything I see inspires me to create a special motif that’s conducive to a photo shoot. Nail art is just makeup for the fingertips.

EBONY: What is one piece of advice you’d give to aspiring nail artists?

ND: Practice makes perfect. I’ve been doing nails since I was a kid and I never thought it would be my career. Do what you love because it makes life easier.

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-Loren Lee, Freelance Beauty Contributor