Release: to allow something to move, act, or flow freely. To set free. For NOMADNESS Travel Tribe founder Evita Turquoise Robinson, that was the motivation for her November 2021 trip to Egypt. Always at the top of her personal travel bucket list, she made her way to the African nation after a myriad of things in her personal life left her needing to simply, ‘let some sh*t go.’ And even more so before she rang in a new year.

With just under 40 countries visited in 13 years, Robinson says that travel has always been one of the ways she’s offset the stress and burnout that comes along with running her brand.

“Being the CEO but also the face of any type of business is going to put you in a space where a lot of things come for you,” Robinson told EBONY. “I have to be very diligent and conscious about the way I remedy and offset that, and travel is one of those ways. I have to keep my stress and burnout levels at a minimum.”

Image: courtesy of Bereng Monareng

This trip served a dual purpose. Knowing it was a destination of interest to her NOMADNESS community members, she went to Egypt to scout the country for future brand trips and events. But, the trip was also a gift to herself after COVID.

“I went through a really traumatic breakup, and COVID-19 did a number on everyone’s mental health. Just going through the ramifications of lockdown, and not knowing where the world was headed— COVID implications were a big part of this. I brought a videographer along because I knew I had something to say, and I needed to get all of this stuff out of my system into something creative. People know me as a CEO, but I’m a creative and an artist first. I put that part of me on display by the content I created with my videographer, Bereng Monareng. So, this was less about relaxation and more about release as a form of therapy. Sometimes, you just have to get the sh*t out.”

Egypt was the release she didn’t know she needed

Image: courtesy of Bereng Monareng

During her journey, she spent time in popular cities like Cairo and Luxor to take in the awe-inspiring pyramids. While a drive through the desert brought a calming energy. But, it was a visit to the city of Abu Simbel that brought the reaction she initially thought she’d feel when seeing the ancient pyramids.

“Abu Simbel literally brought me to tears, and I don’t know why,” Robinson shared. “It pushed itself out of me, so it was very interesting to see that in myself. Also, Aswan was absolutely amazing for me. It still has native Nubian villages and just being around my people, was just amazing. There’s just a vibe to Aswan.”

Being on the felucca (an Egyptian boat) along the Nile, and slowing down to take things in, was transformational for Robinson. They were moments that brought perspective on the importance of life and her place in the world. 

Oftentimes, when she takes personal vacations, she struggles with disconnecting from her work life to focus her attention fully on herself. She even allots two days to settle and allow her brain to shift its focus to solely being on vacation. 

“Trying to flip my focus to self is so hard. I have to allow those 2-days to reset.”

This journey was also her way of preparing for 2022 and all it could bring. She wanted to go into the year feeling restored as much as possible, and it’s safe to say she accomplished her goal.

Evita’s recommendations while in Egypt

Image: courtesy of Bereng Monareng

According to Robinson, a stop in Dahab comes highly recommended.

“I met up with a friend who lives in Dahab, and it was such a hidden gem. It’s a beautiful beach town along the Red Sea, filled with other nomads and surfers. I didn’t know something like this existed in Egypt. I was able to fully decompress there, especially hopping around the other cities for the last seven or eight days.”

In addition to visiting Dahab, Robinson says that Aswan should always be high on your must-do list. While there, slow down and take it all in like she did. Also, be sure to visit the Nubian villages. 

Finally, the CEO suggests taking along a little extra spending cash to buy some gold from the markets. 

“They have super competitive prices out there, and you are able to bargain with the vendors, too. I highly suggest budgeting for it, if you are into gold jewlery.”

To see more from Robinson’s journey, you can watch her video here.