When abstinence comes to mind, many view it as a process undertaken for religious purposes or for the purposes of preventing the spread of STDs and avoiding unwanted pregnancy. But sexual inactivity for a period of time can also be practiced to enhance one’s sex life. Yes, it sounds like an oxymoron to enhance sexual activity by having a period of celibacy. But the benefits of practicing sexual abstinence while in a relationship are greater than you might think.

Before choosing to hold off on sex, one must (of course) have a talk with your partner before inactivity starts. Sex is considered a vital part of any romantic relationship, so it’s important for each partner to be made aware of the desires of the other when strict changes in sexual activity occur.


Making the commitment to abstain from sexual activity should be taken seriously by both partners, and only undertaken if one feels it’ll bring happiness and improvement to his/her life. Avoiding physical contact that encourages sexual behavior and spending time with friends and loved ones who’ll hold one to his/her commitment can usher a vow of abstinence along. If a period of sexual inactivity is something you’ve been considering as a way to enhance your current sex life, have a look at the benefits.

Gives time to focus on self

While in a relationship, it’s easy to lose focus on yourself and shift attention to the other person involved with the desire to cater and please. During abstinence, you’ll have an ample amount of time to truly focus on yourself self to discover what changes may have been experienced within that may have an effect on the relationship.

Taking time to meditate, write out likes and dislikes about the sex that does occur within the relationship, and truly focusing on what’s desired during future sexual activity (without the pressure or opinions of one’s partner) are excellent ways to enhance one’s sex life. Sometimes sexual preferences are made based on the inclinations of the other partner. But by taking the time to avoid sexual activity, one can get in touch with his/her body, mind and spirit before entering into sexual activity again. And being centered is critical in having fully fulfilling sexual relationships.

Encourages the enhancement of intimacy

Intimacy is the vital component of any romantic relationship that holds it together like glue. Intimacy has nothing to do with physical sex, but everything to do with the emotional and spiritual connection between two people. Sometimes too much time is spent working on releasing sexual energy and getting to the orgasm, causing intimacy to take a back seat to the physical aspect of lovemaking.

But when physical sex is taken out of the equation, couples have no choice but to focus on building an intimacy and trust bond between each other. Spending time participating in activities that help each partner to learn about the other in more intimate ways is a great way to build intimacy. Couple’s meditation, nature walks, museum trips, even couples spa days are great suggestions for intimate activities that won’t put the vow of abstinence in jeopardy.

Allows sexual energy and desire to build

When sexual activity is ceased, sexual energy spins and collects at the base of the spine where our sexual centers are located. When this energy is left to collect, it can be used as creative energy that can help propel certain projects along. Deadlines at work can be accomplished with increased speed, and new projects can be manifested in amazing ways.

Holding onto sexual energy can also increase desire for sexual activity, which will lead to stronger orgasms when intercourse begins again. Taking a break will increase the feeling of sensation once experienced, and make for a stronger, longer-lasting erotic hour.

However one decides to remain committed to a period of time without sex, it’s important to take what is learned about self during this time and apply it within the relationship to make things better for each person involved. Sexual abstinence can stretch from a few days to a few months, but no matter what time period has been set, the key to success is having a goal in mind before practicing abstinence and seeing it through. A moment in time without sex can be a beautiful thing. Use it wisely.