Besides sex scandals, there's nothing the media loves more than a good feud. When two powerhouses battle it out in lyrics or on Twitter, it gives all of us something to write about. Basically, feuds are good for business. But true feuds only work when the parties involved are perceived as on arguably equal footing, either in terms of talent or intellect.

Which is why this media-created "feud" between Jay Z and Harry Belafonte is so ridiculous. The increasingly hyped feud has gained traction in recent days, thanks to criticism by Belafonte regarding a lack of activism on Jay Z's part and Jay Z's lyrics in a recent song "dissing" Belafonte by calling him "boy."

Yet these men are not equals in any way. Jay Z will never be in Belafonte's league, no matter how many CDs he sells or millions he earns (or how many presidents he pays to hang out with through political fundraisers). The only thing making this fake "feud" marginally interesting is that Jay Z seems oblivious to this fact, as do some of his fans, a few of whom are so intellectually lacking that they are unaware of how much greater Belafonte's legacy is and will always be than that of "Hova."

To help those people out, below is a list of all of the ways in which Harry Belafonte is more relevant and more of a man than Jay Z will ever be.