Weak media coverage, no one is here for it.

Voices across the Interwebs are fed up with clueless, biased and inaccurate media coverage when it comes to issues affecting the society. As the world continues to process the massacre that took place at the historical Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, last week, some notable mainstream outlets have been downplaying the reality and severity of the issue along with the blunt traces of racism at the center.

Reports have attributed the reasoning behind Dylan Roof’s fatal attack to mental illness and gun laws that aren’t strict enough. The bottom line response: People are fed up with it and calling out networks such as FOX News and the Wall Street Journal for their slanted and naive perspective.

Alternet.com documented the absurdity and sheer denial FOX News’ expresses during their Charleston shooting coverage. On their program, “America’s Newsroom”, the anchor reduced and dismissed the Church attack to being the cause of “too many cultures living in [America].” You can read that, here.

If that doesn’t get you fully riled up, in a series of verbally explosive tweets, Stewart Butterfield, cofounder of FlicKr and CEO of Slack, targeted the Wall Street Journal for an editorial which stated that the Charleston shooting was caused by a “problem that defies explanation.”