Countless hours and money are spent on the clothing and accessories that make us look our best. But what about how the world looks to us? The energy of our day is shaped the moment we open our eyes, and some of us wake up every morning to the bleakest, most mundane surroundings.

Ever wonder why you’re already upset just moments after you wake up? If the first thing you look at in the morning is the clutter at the foot of your bed, your bitter mood makes loads of sense. Yes, fresh air has a lot to do with you feeling better as soon as you step outside but it could also be that your home is toxic.

After health, fashion and beauty are important factors in self-maintenance—of course! “Nails done, hair done, e’rything big.” Yes. Steppin’ out in your full glory. Great. But have you ever seen a luxurious peacock rolling around in a pigpen?

Your home should reflect you at your finest and all it takes is a little TLC. We don’t all have to be HGTV junkies in order to live in spaces that meet the standards we hold in the rest of our lives. A common misconception is that it takes a ridiculous amount of time and money to design a home that is zen-like or worthy of praise. In actuality, it can require as little as a fraction of what you just spent on your favorite designer bag.

So. Is where you lay your head is a reflection of your personality and unique taste? Does it give off the kind of peace you wish to attain? How about the productivity you strive to create?

No? Here’s how to get it on the right track:


Yes. Yes. And yes. It’s as simple as that. Spend a weekend doing nothing but making your home livable. The energy in your space will improve drastically with just this step.


A little goes a long way. You don’t need to drop a year’s salary on a rental renovation. Set your budget and stick to it. Do your research and you can find exactly what you want for the amount you’d like to spend. Stores like TJMaxx, HomeGoods and Marshalls always have inexpensive yet quality decorative pieces. And Craigslist is the haven for miraculous designer finds. (Pssst! I found an authentic Saarinen tulip table for a quarter of what it’s worth!)


Look through all those magazines you have or sites you visit and envision what you’d love to wake up to every day.  Colors, textures, vacation spots, songs, icons … Whatever makes you smile, take note.


Pick up something random in your space. If you don’t absolutely love it, if it doesn’t make you feel any number of wonderful feelings, toss it. This goes for clothing, furniture … hell, it even goes for people. For those of us that have those just lying around.


What do you want your space to do for you? Energize, calm or spark your creativity? Maybe you want your space to serve as a backdrop for entertaining guests. Write a list of what you want out of it. Stop being a slave to your home. Turn it around! Who’s the master? You. (Sho’Nuff!)

Qimmah Saafir is a writer, designer and stylist as well as the founder of OnQueQonsulting &