The art of being a fashion-forward frequent flyer is not one difficult to master. Nowadays, with social media platforms being the primary vehicles for showcasing the personal and professional lives of its users, travel, and style have essentially become two of the most discussed topics within the African American millennial community.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. That’s what they say, right? Right. Be on the go and in the know with these quick and easy tips on how to fly and be fly:

Go for a comfy-chick outfit. Opt for airport athleisure—but make it fashion. Elevate leggings and sneakers with an embellished sweater or cutout crop top and cardigan. You can still dress to the T and get through TSA with no problem.  If you’re new to athleisure, or simply want to spruce up your airport style, head on over to Fashion Nova, Boohoo, or Pretty Little Thing for some major inspo.

Go minimalistic with your accessories. Skip the blingy chunky jewelry and other added accessory nuisances. When making your way through security checkpoints, it’s a hassle you surely don’t want to deal with. Instead, sport a stylish pair of mules or slip-ons to complement your outfit. This way, your footwear is both easy to take on and off, and you’re still giving serious looks. It’s a win-win if you ask me! Target and ASOS carry affordable fancy footwear for even the most budget-friendly of folk.

Carry stylish, yet portable luggage. It’s important which kinds of bags that you choose. They should be large enough to house all of your essentials, but not so large that they’re a pain to carry around. The perfect carry on or personal item can easily elevate an outfit. Calpak and Away are both companies that carry stylish-yet-minimalist-friendly pieces for the modish traveler.

If you’ve chosen to make travel and style substantial parts of your life, these tips can help you achieve that level of ease that you’ve been searching for. You don’t have to give up class and comfort to be a jetsetter.

Fly. Be fly. And love it.