Life, as complex and complicated as it is, often asks us to make choices that will lead us on a path. And when looking back over time, making smarter choices is something that we always wish we’d done more of. Changing habits and tendencies for the better is a goal we often strive for. From diet changes, to fitness decisions, to style choices, to relationship patterns, there’s always something that we can change and improve upon. Leading automobile company Hyundai is partnering with EBONY to lead the charge in encouraging African American women to make the right choices in their everyday life.

Rethinking, redefining, and reassessing what drives you, leads to living smarter. The 2015 Hyundai Sonata offers a choice in a car that both simplifies and enhances your day-to-day routine. Together, EBONY and Hyundai want to celebrate the Black women who truly embrace #SmarterLiving in order to shake up the world!  If that’s you, take a picture showing us how you live #Smarter, use the hashtags #SmarterLiving, #SUTW and #Smarter, and post it to all of your social networks for your chance to win a trip to Pasadena, California to attend the 2015 Image Awards! We’re looking for ladies with their foot on the pedal of life, the ones who live everyday the best that they can, and whose mindset is always “It’s My Time.” We know you are out there, smarties, now show us what you got!

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