Remember when everyone was in frenzy after Rihanna was seen sporting an electric blue lip in London? Paired with that sharp cut and dressed down fashion, Rihanna made the blue lip everything. And ladies, you can too. Now, we’re aware that blue lipstick is an unusual shade to wear every day, but so was hot pink, lavender purple and, once upon a time, red. What’s our point? If you were down to try one of those shades, then you should be open to a new trend, too.

But before you take a dive into the blue lip color trend, take into consideration a few tips we have for the bold woman ready to make a jaw-dropping lip statement.

Tip 1: Always pair with a barely there, nude face. Our recommendation: a winged cat eye and a full brow.

Tip 2: Most high-pigmented lip colors dry out the lips, especially those that are matte. Always remember to layer a thin coat of your favorite lip conditioner before applying the blue hue.

Tip 3: Lay off the dramatics when it comes to the hair. Keep it simple, keep it cute.

Tip 4: When it comes to clothing, stick to muted colors such a black, white, nude or even navy. There’s no such thing as color blocking when it comes to blue lipstick. It stands out on its on.

Now that that’s over, take a look at our favorite brands that carry blue lipstick. Remember, the minute you put this color on, all eyes will be on you. People will stare; make it worth their while.

—DaMonica Boone