Early in the Ferguson protests, the Pew Research Center polled reactions to the Michael Brown shooting nationally. For Blacks, it confirmed their mistrust of the police; 65 percent said police had gone too far in their response to the protests. Whites were more reticent, with 32 percent who said the response was “about right” and 35 percent who “didn’t know.”

That told us quite a bit about opinions nationwide, but it said little about views in St. Louis County, where Ferguson is located. Now, thanks to a new survey from the Remington Research Group—based in Kansas City, Missouri—we know.

The firm polled 604 residents of St. Louis County on aspects of the controversy, from the shooting of Brown to the police response to protesters. And on most questions, they found a stark racial divide. When asked if “the shooting of an African American teen by law enforcement in Ferguson, Missouri” was justified, 62 percent of Whites said it was, along with 35 percent of Blacks.