Oakland’s Lake Merritt park was filled with barbecue goers on Sunday after a video showing a White woman calling the cops on Black people who were barbequing.

First-grade teacher Logan Cortez, 28, saw the viral video of a White woman who bothered two Black men, who wanted to enjoy their meal at the park a few weeks ago, for two hours as she waited for police and decided to organize “BBQ’n While Black.”

“I wasn’t surprised,” Cortez told the San Francisco Chronicle. “The fact that I wasn’t surprised bothered me.”

Cortez was inspired by anti-gentrification celebrations in Oakland created the event on Facebook for “five to seven friends” to a barbecue at the same location but was surprised when it was shared thousands of times.

Jhamal Robinson, 28, a friend of Cortez’s, created an electronic flyer and promoted the event on Instagram, which was shared 2,500 times. Cortez and Robinson spent $700 of their own money to obtain city permits for the event.

“It’s the community coming together in a positive way as a reaction to what’s going on,” Robinson said. “Instead of tearing up the city, we want to come together in love and unity. And party.”

Hundreds of people showed up to Sunday’s event and it went off without incident.

Check out KRON 4’s news report about Sunday’s barbecue below.