The untroubled cool of 1970s fashion goes back to a time where women were as free as the jersey dress that draped their skin. Today, we recall those images of vintage style to help define our ideals, some 30 years later. So what is it about our predecessors that have us ready to learn about styling in an effortless way?

No matter what they endured, they remained steadfast, regal and stylish. In the 1975 film “Mahogany”, Diana Ross’s character Tracy gave an iconic portrayal of a woman adjusting to racial disparities and sacrifice while pursing her dreams — something that’s still all too real in this day and age.

Though scathed in the process of following her heart’s desire, Tracy eventually found balance without skipping a beat in her floppy fedoras, woolen capes and maxi dresses. Here at, we applaud the evolution of our women who continue to strive towards a life well imagined while tailor fitting the season’s trends to their own mold. —Nicole Miles