Britain is currently enjoying season 3 of Luther, the detective thriller that’s earned star Idris Elba two Golden Globe nominations (including one win), while Stateside we await the miniseries’ Sept. 3 return on BBC America. But we might all have something more to look forward to if Elba and series creator Neil Cross get their way. They’re pulling for a feature film.

“It’s our engine at the moment. Neil wants to make it and so do I, and we are hopefully making steps towards that. It’s a long process,” Elba told EW at last night’s Pacific Rim premiere. The pitch: “I think we probably go back to the beginning and start from an origin story,” Elba said.
We assume that means we wouldn’t see Alice (The Lone Ranger‘s Ruth Wilson), the killer DCI John Luther first met in season 1, which is unfortunate. But the movie would have its merits, like Elba using his British accent, wearing a suit (always a welcome sight), and getting to be the leading man in a movie that’s meatier than Obsessed. (That happens — see: the Nelson Mandela biopic Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom — but not often enough.)