Former NBA player, Iman Shumpert and his older brother Ahrii, are embarking on a new venture together, a podcast, entitled Iman Amongst Men, a show that takes an honest and unfiltered look at what it means to be a Black man in today’s world through the lens of their experiences.

Each episode, the guys are joined by a culturally-relevant celebrity guest to explore topics ranging from money matters, mental wellness, sports, the entertainment industry, normalizing therapy, fatherhood, relationships, reinventing yourself, and everything in between. The conversations are raw and unapologetic, featuring never-before-told stories and insights. 

Iman was inspired to host his own podcast because he’s always gotten good reception as a guest on other people’s podcasts and couldn’t think of a better way to talk about real and vulnerable topics, while in the company of people he deeply respects, especially someone he grew up with – his brother. 

Iman and Ahrii Shumpert. Image: courtesy of Uninterrupted Podcasts.

Iman’s older brother Ahrii has had a slightly different path from the NBA player. Speaking of his brother, Iman states, “My brother has worked 9-5s. He’s freelanced. He’s gotten a chance to do all the things I never did because I was so focused on basketball. He taught me important life lessons – like how to save up money to get what you want, for example – and I’ve gained a lot of valuable lessons from him. He’s also an incredible artist, like my mother and is responsible for a lot of the artwork related to my projects. We often have different points of view and play devil’s advocate so our varying perspectives and life experiences lend themselves to a really interesting conversation.”

With episodes ranging from 45 mins to an hour, the podcast doesn’t have much editing as the point is really to showcase authentic and honest conversations, with the hope of enlightening the minds of listeners. “We do a good job of having hard conversations and helping people get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and the growth that comes from that. You often see us learning in real time from our guests who offer us different insights and perspectives. It helps us all be better while also being entertaining to listen to.”

Iman and Ahrii could have taken their podcast anywhere, but they specifically chose UNINTERRUPTED, a Sports-Emmy winning athlete empowerment brand founded by LeBron James and Maverick Carter, to be their safe space for honest and unfiltered conversations. UNINTERRUPTED was founded with the intention of inspiring both athletes and those in sports culture to be ‘More Than’ and also to express themselves authentically and organically through entertainment, events, products and apparel. That being said, the brothers felt like it was a perfect match when it came to finding the perfect place to host their show.

“It felt like a familiar space, and they presented an idea that we can develop into something bigger in the future, and I love a good foundation,” says Iman.

With celebrity guests such as JR Smith, Matt Barnes, Jacob Latimore, and so many more, each episode will be packed with entertaining and relatable conversation, and beyond that, on Iman Amongst Men, nothing is off-limits. In terms of the takeaways, Iman wants listeners to know, “we’re more alike than different. We’re all equal in a way. I hope that people get a chance to listen and enjoy it”.