It was a power breakfast I wish so many women could experience, that kicked off the first “The Life You Want Weekend”, created and led by the one and only, Oprah. Friday, September 26th, began with a morning full of motivational anecdotes from four inspiring women in the media and communications world. Hosted by Charmin,   and led by TV host and lifestyle expert and author, Egypt Sherrod, influencers Sylvia High (CEO of Aiming High), Karen Meleta (ShopRite VP, Consumer and Corporate Communications) and Jodi Allen (Vice President of North America Marketing and Brand Operation at P&G), led what would turn out to be one of the most uplifting experiences for women I’ve ever imagined.

From their personal stories on how they balance it all, from work loads to motherhood (hint: they don’t), to their journeys to the top, these four women gave us a peek into the world of ambitious women making things happen.

The lucky guests in attendance relaxed in a plush, girls’ girl venue, where a chic breakfast was served and inspiring quotes surrounded them. Called the O Reinvention Lounge, the audience full of women were called to take the next steps of their lives to renew and re-invent themselves.

Never short of amazing, Oprah’s weekend tour kick off proved to be in sync with her overall purpose: helping women (and men alike) reach their highest potential and live their best lives. For that, we thank her and Charmin for the amazing experience.