Typically, anything involving white hoods isn’t something we as a people can get with — but a recent public art demonstration by activist group Indecline has flipped the script.

On Thursday morning, Indecline staged a mock lynching of clowns garbed in the signature attire of the Ku Klax Klan at Joseph Bryan Park in Richmond, Virginia.

WRIC reports that the dummies were likely hung on Wednesday night. The park temporarily closed on Thursday morning but was opened to the public again before 11 AM.

The anarchist cohort established in 2000 was also responsible for the erection of naked statues of Donald Trump throughout New York City which began appearing last August.

A sign reading “if attacked by a mob of clowns, go for the juggler,” was found on the neck of one of the dummies. Richmond, Virginia was considered the Confederate Capitol of America throughout the majority of the Civil War.