Yes, winter just started, but if we’re being honest, it feels like forever for those of us who are enduring harsh temperatures. And honestly, the majority of folks, especially if they aren’t single, don’t necessarily want to venture outside of the confines of their homes if they don’t have to.

Despite becoming a hermit, you can, in fact, make the most of your love life. Here are three indoor winter date ideas that will not disappoint:

1. Prepare a meal together.

For many, cooking can be quite therapeutic, especially if one person in the relationship does most of the cooking. But it is one of the most basic yet satisfying activities (next to sex) that couples can do. Not only will you have the opportunity to spend time being active together, but you’ll also be working as a team. Plus, there are few things more satisfying than eating a meal that you’ve personally prepared (if it’s good, that is).

2. Play a board game.

Usually, when we unite with friends and family for the holidays, we play board games. Taboo, UNO, Jenga … you name it. But when we’re with our lover, it seems as if the games sit and collect dust, especially if we do not have children. Let us not forget how much fun it can be for us to activate our competitive streak beyond Thanksgiving.

3. Catch up on your “you” time.

While you are still working, staying indoors allows you to do what you wouldn’t be doing with your mate if you had a full calendar: taking time out to enjoy and appreciate one another. Understand that when it’s summer, the last place that most of us are at is home. Take the time, and thank the colder temps for some much-needed R & R with your boo.