Event stylist, Guerdy Abraira became an overnight star after her debut as an official “housewife” on Peacock's "The Real Housewives of Miami", which returned with a new cast earlier this year and currently airs Tuesdays at 9 PM ET/PT on Bravo. Abraira, who was named by Harper’s Bazaar in 2020 as one of the top international wedding and event planners, was completely new to the world of reality television. Becoming an "on-screen personality" for a global audience was a novel experience for her, but she rose to the challenge and became a fan-favorite by giving viewers an intimate look into her family life, fast-paced career, and how passionate she is about her Haitian heritage.

Against the vibrant backdrop of Miami, her carefully curated residence, where she has lived with her husband Russell and two sons for thirteen years, is her oasis. After viewing sixty houses (yes sixty!), the self-proclaimed perfectionist said she knew that this house was “the one” immediately upon entering it. She adores the clean architectural lines, open floor plan, and massive windows showing off the tropical foliage in her backyard. After all these years, she still marvels at the calming energy of the abode.

When it came time to decorate the house, the process came naturally to Abraira who has cultivated a reputation for her boundless creative ideas and ability to bring any mundane event space to life. She credits her global upbringing for her sophisticated aesthetic which she calls “timeless with a twist." Born on the island of Haiti, she moved to Paris with her family as a toddler, then relocated to the melting-pot of Miami at nine years old, where she has remained since. Throughout the design process, she tapped into all aspects of her life experiences and creative expertiseto conceive a dynamic, functional space for her family. 

Here, she takes EBONY behind the scenes—into her home and through her design decisions—room by room.

Image: Keith Major. On Abraira: Oasis Resortwear. Pillows: Chairish.

Abraira’s living room is a visual representation of her design philosophy: juxtapose a soft neutral palette with a bold pop of color and a few edgy accents. When arranging the space, she focused on symmetry and emphasizing architectural lines. “The room is meant to have a European nod to it without being too pretentious,” she explains.

Image: Keith Major.

For her signature “pop” she chose Haiti Rediscovered, a bright orange coffee table book, to serve as the focal point in the room. In a similar fashion, she presented her culture as a major part of her storyline on RHOM. “I took the platform that the show would create seriously,” she explains, “especially as a space for me to showcase my Haitian pride and share my version of Black excellence.”

Image: Keith Major. On Abraira: Nicoletta Valentina.

The dining room, swathed in cool shades of grey, serves as a gathering space for the Abraira family. Her intentions were to keep it minimal and accessible so they can comfortably enjoy their meals as a unit. “I always want food and family to be the identity of this space," she shares. "With that in mind, I wanted to keep everything else very neutral because I know that the second you bring the food out that's the talking element.” The all-glass chandelier is a favorite of hers and she jokes that the unexpected spikes are similar to her personality. “I'm good hearted and well-intended, but I'm also a protector, especially for my kids. I'm a fierce mama bear to the third power.”

Image: Keith Major. On Abraira: Nicoletta Valentina. Lighting: Dutton Brown. Mirrors: Horchow.

For her primary bathroom, Abraira chose to keep it classic with an all-white base brought to life by a set of fringed modern mirrors, that serve as works of art. She explains, “I was immediately drawn to the sharpness of these mirrors and the texture of the frames. I want people to walk in and do a double take and these mirrors bring the wow-factor.”

Image: Keith Major.

Located in the guest bathroom are two framed maps that represent the Abraira's identities. "My husband is a Miami native, and I was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti so these photo print maps visualize our origins" explains the proud Caribbean-born native.

Image: Keith Major. Pillows: Chairish.

“Simplicity was my goal,” Abraira says when describing her bedroom. The minimalistic hues serve as “a daily mental refresh” that helps activate her creative process when dreaming up ideas for her next party. “I have so much color and neon at my events; it’s nice to come home to less saturated space,” shares the grounded event planner. Abraira's husband impressively constructed the grid behind her headboard by hand to reinforce the geometric theme throughout the rest of the home. 

A framed photo by Giano Curry in the primary bedroom. Image: Keith Major.
Image: Keith Major. On Abraira: The Theme Dresser.

This cozy seated area, adjacent to her bed, is where Abraira winds down after a long day of work, enjoying the view from a balcony located off-frame. It’s also her favorite area in the house to lounge with her husband, who is her high school sweetheart, to reconnect and enjoy the breeze of life that they've created.