As Jermaine Dupri once said, “Welcome to Atlanta where the players play.” The Georgia city has solidified itself as the mecca for Black American success—many often joking that Wakanda was modeled after it. With many of the area’s movers and shaker being in tech, entertainment—in large part to the influx of production studios—as well as finance, it’s no surprise that the number of luxury offerings across ATL are springing up like weeds.

Many travelers often pop into the Southern destination just to get a taste of the luxe life, as it features experiences that are hard to find anywhere else in the country. EBONY recently took a quick 48-hour trip to “The A” to check out some of its most recent and sought after upscale happenings. 

From a stay in the city’s recently opened Nobu Hotel to pushing $220,000 plus luxury cars full-throttle at the Porsche Experience Center—here’s our curated itinerary to all-things luxury Atlanta.

Nobu exterior. Image: courtesy of Phipps Plaza.

Where to Stay

As Atlanta rapper Future so eloquently said, “Nobu, Nobu, Nobu, Nobu.” The luxury hotel opened in Atlanta in November 2022, and it has quickly become one of the hottest spots for any and everyone who enjoys the finer things in life. 

The 152 room (and suites) property features a stunning rooftop pool overlooking Phipps Plaza, as well as an attached restaurant under the same brand name. The accommodation is outfitted in Earth tone hues with Japanese flair intertwined into the decor. When you arrive, you’re greeted with a cold scented towel, tea, and one of the most relaxing scents you’ll smell which permeates throughout the halls. 

Nobu zen suite. Image: courtesy of Phipps Plaza.

Didn’t drive into the city or rent a car? No worries, the hotel offers guests complimentary rides—within a limited distance—in its on-site electric Porsche. Now that’s taking your vacation or staycation to true “baller” status.

Where to Eat

As the city continues to grow, many of the world’s best chefs and mixologists are choosing to bring concepts to Atlanta. Of course, if you do choose to stay at the Nobu Atlanta hotel, you can’t leave without experiencing the dining experience at the adjoining Nobu Restauant. 

This popular upscale Japanese culinary experience—because it’s truly an experience—features an array of fresh sushi and seafood options, world-class Sake, and so much more. Although the brand can be found around the world, you’ll still want to lock in your reservation for this location, as it is still fairly new and very popular. Some of our menu standouts are: the yellowtail jalapeño, the black cod miso—a cult favorite— and the rock shrimp creamy spicy.

Nobu Black Cod Miso. Image: courtesy of Phipps Plaza.

Some of our favorite upscale favorites within the city are Continent Restaurant, Ecco, and Marcus Bar & Grille. For more casual options we suggest a stop in Citizens Market, just outside of Nobu Atlanta, as well as Alon’s Bakery for a morning treat.

Things to Do

The city is home to one of three Porsche Experience Centers in the country, so it’s only right that you check it out while there. This adrenaline-forward driving adventure can be customized to your liking. If you like the feel of 500+ horsepower beneath your feet, opt for the west track experience for more of a thrill. Get behind the wheel of some of the luxury brand’s most exclusive vehicles as you see what it really means to go “0 to 100 real quick.”

Porsche Experience Center west track. Image: courtesy of Porsche Experience Center Atlanta.

For those in need of retail therapy, Atlanta has no shortage. Of course, if you’re looking to splurge, Phipps Plaza is your best option with many of the world’s top luxury brands within its walls. 

Need to get a workout in? Pop into the newly opened Life Time in Buckhead for a day pass to one of the most luxurious gyms in the country. And if you simply want to be pampered, book a spa appointment with Life Time Spa. Woosah!