It’s no secret that our personal space can often reflect who we are and the vibes we embody. With the new year upon us, most of us are looking for a little more peace in our lives. What better way to channel that serene energy than through the curation of our homes? Interior decor can be daunting, so EBONY tapped the interior designer and content creator Demetrius Robinson for ways to evoke more tranquility within our space.

Robinson, the founder and creative director of his interior design firm At Home With Savvy, got his start in 2016 after a transitional period from a previous role.

“I started my design business in 2016, and it all started from a phone call with a friend. I was a leasing agent, transitioning out of that field, and I didn’t love it. It actually brought me closer to what is now, my dream career as an interior designer. During the conversation, I asked my friend if she would pay to have me design for her. She said, ‘You've designed every place you've had really nice, so, yes, I would pay you for that,’" shares Robinson. "The next day I started an Instagram account where I used my current apartment as the jumping-off point for my brand and social presence. At first, it was just me sharing my apartment online, and then I went on to working directly with clients."

Living room space curated by Robinson. Image: courtesy of Demetrius Robinson.

While Robinson’s firm operates on a digital scale, he did have a storefront at one point. After closing it and transitioning to 100% digital, he added content creation to his arsenal of skills, which helped his business grow tremendously.

If you're in need of a little inspiration to achieve a state of zen this year, check out some of his tips on how to evoke more tranquility in your home.

Declutter your space and find a home for all of your objects

Robinson’s first piece of advice is to declutter and organize everything to avoid the chaos of it all.

“The first step will cost you no money; it's simply decluttering your space and finding a home for every single object. It's those little things that are just out of place that trigger anxiety and your brain and confusion. It causes chaos," explains Robinson. "As humans, we can't work in a chaotic space. Making sure that every single thing in your home has a place, is going to be the number one thing. Also, just get rid of things taking up unnecessary space.”

Finding a calming color palette 

Color palettes are also important when achieving zen in your home. Robinson advises incorporating colors that calm you.

“Find a color palette that is calming," says the interior designer. "But remember, calming is subjective. Make sure the common color palette that you're pursuing or trying to achieve, are colors that truly put you at ease.”

Guest bedroom by Robinson. Image: Courtesy of Demetrius Robinson.

Incorporate plants

If you have a green thumb, you’re in luck. The content creator feels that live greenery adds a peaceful presence to one’s home. 

“Of course, we all need plans inside our home because a home without plants just seems so sterile and unwelcoming,” shares Robinson. “It's something about that green that lends a sense of peace and tranquility to the space. While everyone doesn't have a green thumb, you can actually go and get some excellent faux plants and still get that same finished look.”

Sitting area with plants by Robinson. Image: Courtesy of Demetrius Robinson.

Bring the outdoors in

Robinson is also a proponent of letting the beauty of outside in your home. How? The answer is simple, alter your window treatments.

“It could be as simple as taking down the blinds and putting in a window treatment that is off to the side so that you're able to see out the window and bring nature inside,” shares the interior designer.