It’s no secret that women are significant contributors to world history. We are not only the backbones of our families, children and society in general, but are also strong, determined and tenacious leaders.

What also isn’t a secret is the power of social media. If it isn’t being talked about on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, should we be discussing it.

Well one of the above mentioned platforms found that in 2017, International Women’s Day was the most talked about moment of the year.

Move over Kim Kardashian. At least when it comes to Facebook.

Below are a few key highlights regarding women and the social media platform.

  • Unique to 2017, International Women‘s Day was the #1 most talked about moment of the year.
  • The energy for women‘s causes has continued into 2018 with #timesup and #metoo, both of which have galvanized women on Facebook. Making up over a fourth of the conversation on International Women‘s Day for the past 3 months, 18-24 year olds are leading the conversation at a rate three times as much as other topics on Facebook.
  • Globally, 43% of Pages on Facebook are women-owned pages, which has increased by 21% since last year and has increased by more than 94% year on year since 2015.
  • Women create nearly 70% of all fundraisers on Facebook, which is a fast and impactful way for people to reach their friends and quickly build momentum for their cause with quick donations and easy sharing.

“That was just the beginning of mounting energy for women‘s movements that shows no signs of slowing down in 2018,” Maxine Williams, Facebook’s Global Chief Diversity Officer said in a press release sent to EBONY.

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