The intersection where George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police officers was renamed in his honor, CBS News reports.

On Wednesday, Floyd's brother Terrence along with other members of the family attended the ceremony on the corner of 38th Street and Chicago Avenue which is now known as "George Perry Floyd Square" on the second anniversary of his death.

The crowd in attendance sang songs while marching the block-long stretch to finish at the intersection to commemorate the moment. Many left flowers at the artwork roundabout at the center of the intersection or paused for a moment of silence, WCCO reported.

Mayor Jacob Frey of Minneapolis spoke about keeping Floyd's memory alive.

"Today we honor two years since George Floyd was murdered by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin," Frey’s statement read. "Each day since, we have remembered George Floyd's life and legacy as a friend, father, brother, and loved one. His name has been heard in every corner of our world."

Elizer Darris, an activist who gave many speeches at the intersection after Floyd’s murder spoke about the protest that took place and the movement that emerged after the tragedy.

"Two years ago, we said that we were gonna get justice for George Floyd. We put boots on the ground, thousands of people," said Elizer Darris, an activist who gave many impassioned speeches at the intersection in the days following Floyd's killing. "Hundreds of thousands of people literally flooded the entire world at a time in which we had a pandemic that had everyone shuttered in. But what we saw dictated that we had to get out and that we had to demand justice."