The once shy, little sister of the famous Simmons family is now not only dominating the sneaker industry with her co-owned Pastry line, but has now launched her very own natural weave hair line with Indique called “Bikini.” Simmons took some time off of her busy schedule to chat with about her new business venture and what’s next.

We are so proud of you and your new hairline! When is it debuting?

Thank you so much.  You can pick it up now on the Indique site!

You’re going from sneaker line to a hair line. How did that transition come about?

Well I’ve always loved hair and I just felt this was one of the next best businesses for me to dive into. As you can see, I love changing my hair. So it was a good fit. I want every woman to be able to really change her hair and feel good.

What was the process like finalizing the texture and selection of hair for Bikini?

It was tedious. It wasn’t hard but it was a lot of work. I had to really go in and feel the hair and make sure the texture was perfect a few times. But I wanted to be involved and I wanted to make sure that I liked the hair texture.

We understand that a portion of the funds are going to Cancercare. What compelled you to donate to this foundation?

I wanted to give back and cancer really does affect us all. So I am happy to be able to contribute to such a wonderful foundation.

Will the hair texture be able to accommodate versatile hair textures?

Yes, because you can actually straighten this hair and wear it curly. So if you have a perm, you can easily match your hair and if you have a more natural texture you can make it work for you too.

Do you plan to launch an additional line in the future?

For now, we are launching Bikini. But yes, the future line it will have different textures. I can’t say too much about it. But it will definitely be diverse.