Khloe Kardashian, the 27-year-old reality star knows who she is – an Armenian woman who is living her life in front of cameras for the world to see. And she’s fabulous.

The entrepreneur returns to reality TV on Sunday with her show Khloe and Lamar for E! This season we see Kardashian and her NBA superstar hubby Lamar Odom wait out the NBA lockout, endure a trade from the L.A. Lakers to Dallas and get adjusted to a new life in Texas.

The younger sister of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe has emerged as the voice of reason amongst the clan. We’ll see more of her hip-shooting wisdom starting this weekend when the second season of her hit reality show returns. We chat with Kardashian who tells why she fell for Odom, talks about Kardashian haters and yes – why she loves Black people. Why do you think you and Lamar work so well?

Khloe Kardashian: Before Lamar, I really, I enjoyed being single. I enjoyed getting to know myself and getting to know what I wanted for myself as a person and what I would and wouldn’t put up with. But when I met Lamar, I wasn’t into him. I was like, ‘Oh my God, the stereotypical basketball player, staring at me …’ I was so rude. I gave him my number at this after party and then he called me the next day and I just … I don’t know. We went on a date that night and … our energy, we (just) clicked. It’s so weird because I’ve never been so honest with someone as I have been with Lamar from the get-go. It’s so corny, but when you know you just know. It’s so clear. Lamar and I got married 30 days to the day of meeting each other, and there was so much criticism. I totally understand. I probably would have been one of them if I was an outsider looking in. But it would have been so easy for us not to get married, if we listened to everybody else. We’re still in love and it was the right thing to do. So there’s this connection with the Kardashians and the Black community, what do you attribute that to?

KK: My father raised us like … we were not allowed to see people in any sort of colors, but also we were not allowed to call people fat. If ever we were to say, ‘Oh that fat person, or this person,’ he would make us put a bar of soap in our mouth and count to 10. We weren’t allowed to look at people like that. For us, it’s always been people are people, we never really think twice. My dad went to Dorsey High in Inglewood. We come from a very mixed family. We’re a bunch of different races, my family. So it’s very normal for us. I don’t know why we’re accepted. Are all of us accepted or just me? I think you’re the most African-Americanest of the Kardashian clan …

KK: My husband tells me that all the time. Does he really?

KK: Well him and Malika [Haqq] will talk and they’ll just say something and … they’re like, ‘we think of you as being Black.’ Your husband is Black, your best friends are Black women …

KK: A lot of my friends are Black and I used to get … (people calling me) ‘an N-lover.’ People would write on my locker and … they’d call me the white devil. I used to have five girls that I used to all run with, and all of them were either bi-racial or Black and then there was me. I’m Armenian, but I’m very fair and I look white … (and) I would always get such hate about it. Black people (would say) ‘you know you’re never gonna be Black,’ and people would always tell me stuff like that. I don’t think because I hang out with enough Black people, I’m gonna turn Black. What kind of rationalization is that? I’m just friends with people that I like. I don’t care what skin color you are. Have you had any obstacles being in an interracial relationship?

KK: I really have not had any. I haven’t felt it, I haven’t heard anything even with the major power of social media, no one has really said anything to Lamar and I, which is a blessing. I know a lot of couples still get that, which is sad in this day and age. Any baby news to share?

KK: It’s definitely something that we want. The first season, I let my family pressure me, because Kourtney just had Mason. She would always say, ‘I want you to get pregnant so our kids could be raised how we were raised,’ and my mom would pressure me. I would start to write down my ovulation days and I made it too stressful, for Lamar and I both. We both were like, ‘This isn’t fun.’ Lamar and I definitely want kids. We’re definitely not doing anything to stop the process right now, but we’re not being structured about it. We’re just putting it in God’s hands and when it happens it’ll happen. I’m only 27. I feel like we got married so fast, so people just expect us to have a baby so fast. When we first met you on reality TV, you were the "Party Girl Kardashian." Now you’re the voice of reason. Is it that marriage has changed you?

KK: I’m someone who’s really fun. I’m a free spirit. I love to laugh. Life is so serious and it’s short, so let’s have fun while we can. When my father did pass away, I took it really hard and my outlet was partying or being kind of self destructive … really careless. It’s almost therapy, watching the shows and not liking the way I look or how I act. I do notice that with age, I am actually growing up and maturing, but I do think Lamar has a big hand in that. How much longer do you think you can live your life on reality TV?

KK: For now, we love what we do and people still want to watch us and it’s fun for us. But if it ever doesn’t get fun, then obviously we’ll stop. I stopped doing the Miami show because I wanted to focus on my marriage and make Lamar my priority. And the Khloe and Lamar show I love, but I don’t know how many more seasons I’m gonna do of that. It puts too much pressure … my husband already has one full-time job and with filming so many hours a day, I don’t know if I just want to commit him to that. Like, I could film and do whatever all day long and I love it, I think it’s fun. I think it’s like having expensive, documented home videos. But I don’t know how much I want to put the pressure on him. Your family is on a supermarket tabloid every week; how do you cope?

KK: I try to not pay it much attention. I don’t get Google Alerts.  I don’t think that’s healthy. I know what I’m doing, so I don’t need to get a Google Alert about it. I think it could be kind of toxic, and you could also almost start believing your own hype and you get a little full of yourself almost. I like to keep my circle small. I like to make my husband my number one priority. I like to indulge in work. There definitely are rumors that sting. Especially when they’re talking about your family and your sisters and when you know their real hearts, you want to defend them all the time, but we can’t. People like to talk about us, bad or good, and that’s just the way it is. I know I’m a good person. I know the people who love me know the real me and for every one hater out there, I have 100 people who love me.