If the entertainment industry were high school La La Anthony would win ‘Best Personality’, ‘Most Likely to Succeed’ and definitely ‘Best Dressed’. The 32 year-old TV host turned reality star has that inherit likable factor that wins the favor of the fellas, and the ladies. Now in her second season in her VH1 reality series “La La’s Full Court Life,” and a more-than-just-a-cameo role in the all-star comedy destined to be a hit Think Like A Man in theaters today, the wife of Knicks Baller Camelo Anthony, and the mother of five year-old cutie Cayan has been quite the busy bee in un bout Louboutins. And just when we thought her Think Like A Man role was an one-off stint, La La allows viewers on the set of VH1’s original series “Single Ladies” showing everyone acting is an intentional transition as she films an appearance for the show’s second season. Cementing her love for style, La La partnered with cosmetics guru and good friend Loren Ridinger to launch makeup line Motives by La La. But what’s behind this growing powerhouse brand who recently unveiled her new website IamLaLa.com is a humble Brooklyn-bred Black Latina who’s meteoric rise came at the fate of old-fashioned hard work.

We caught up with the girl we can’t stop cheering for after a Think Like A Man private screening she hosted with X-Rated Fusion Liqueur. We girl-talked acting with vets, other basketball wives, and a little bit of fashion.

EBONY.com: How was it to work with such an all-star cast on Think Like A Man, and this being your first major film?

La La: It could have been intimidating, but I looked at it as a blessing and an honor to work with such an amazing cast of actors and actresses. There were days on set were I would just sit and watch—that is the best way to learn. I have always watched these actors such as Gabrielle Union, Kevin Hart, Tariji P. Henson, and Meagan Good, and to be in the same movie with them—let alone the same sentence as these people is awesome. We are all friends, but I also respect them as actors and actresses as well.

EBONY.com: How important is it for you to establish your own identity apart from the drama-filled ‘Basketball Wives”? Do you watch the show?

La La: My friends and I watch “Basketball Wives,” and I have nothing negative to say about the show. It is a show that is meant to entertain, and my show is just different. I don’t want anyone to think that I am better in any type of way. I do aim to be a role model to women and the kids that watch me. I have a son as well, and I don’t want to do anything  I am embarrassed about or that he will be ashamed of when he gets older. He’s only five and he is aware of what I am doing.


EBONY.com: You were recently photographed by the legendary Annie Leibovitz for Vogue Magazine. What was that experience like? Being affiliated with Anna Wintour must be exciting.

La La: This has been a pivotal point in my career. To know Anna Wintour, and to email with her is amazing. After I finished the shoot with Annie Leibovitz, she gifted my son Kiyan, with his first camera. I told him, ‘Do you know what this means, Annie Leibovitz gave you a camera!’ That was an amazing thing, and a moment in my career that I will not forget. Hopefully I can make more moments like that.

EBONY.com: Can you tell us more about your Motives by La La makeup line?

La La: There was already Motives and then I teamed up with my friend Loren to create Motives by La La because I felt like they needed to stretch further into the shades of African-American and Hispanic women. It is hard to find a foundation that will match our skin tone. We will stand in the bathroom and mix up shades like a mad scientist to get that shade that we want. One of my favorite things in the collection is the foundation quad that has four different foundations, so right there you can mix things up, and make sure the color matches your skin. I think that I took out the guest work for women with that problem, and it is working, because it is on back order. I’m so excited that it is a hit.

EBONY.com: Who are your favorite go-to designers?

La La: I’m like any other girl. I love Christian Louboutin, and Lanvin for shoes. For clothes I like to mix up the highs and lows like taking a H&M or Zara item, and pairing it with, a Dolce and Gabbana or Stella McCartney pant. To me, it’s how you feel, and not so much what the label is. I am learning that everyone is not going to like what you wear, but I’m learning not to care so much about what people think. If they like it, cool, but if they don’t, that’s okay too. I can’t please everybody.

Geneva S. Thomas is EBONY.com’s style and pop culture editor. Follow her on Twitter @genevasthomas