Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta has been getting a lot of criticism because people feel that it portrays negative stereotypes. The latter part may or may not be true depending on the multitude of opinions floating around but I digress. I’d like to focus on the more positive storyline going on right under everyone’s noses. Rasheeda, a cult favorite Atlanta rapper, appears on the show with her husband/manager, and they are in a seemingly functional relationship as lovers and business partners. We didn’t see much of them in the first episode but their story is finally starting to unravel. She’s the character I appreciate the most, for obvious reasons.  I caught up with Rasheeda for some wife talk and she dropped some good insight about working with your spouse, not settling for less, how women can get that ring on their finger, and why she wants to make her own money.

On How She Met Her Husband:

We had some mutual friends and were all hanging out and he and I ended up just getting cool and getting cooler and cooler, and at the time we started kicking it. It was crazy because the first time we really hung out together with just me and him, we kicked it and we had been together ever since.

On Getting The Proposal:

Don’t try to make nobody be the way you want them to be. Let a man be an individual and of course, once you’re in a relationship, you definitely compromise on a couple of things. I’m not saying go get some old doggin’ ass man but be a good listener, learn how to communicate and learn each other. With the things that aren’t so good about me, my husband is a lot better at, so those are the things you let him deal with. I’m like the out going, loud mouth, go off, go crazy type and he’s the laid back, cool dude, so that’s good. As far as relationships and stuff like that, just take it slow. Don’t try to rush anything, try to learn as much about the person as you possibly can because the worse thing about dating somebody and liking somebody is finding out a bunch of crazy stuff about them after you fall in love with them.

On Working With Her Spouse:

Sometimes it’s really difficult [to work with your spouse] because the business comes home to the bedroom. But over the years, we’ve been able to get better with it and learn to let it go. Sometimes we’re able to get mad at each other, go off, have a big blow out argument and then it’s the work that brings us back together. It will be something like, “Did you set up them flights?” or  “Did you do that? Ok, cool,” and then we start a whole new conversation and being mad is out the window. It’s crazy how it works but you really have to work at it, you really have to try to find that personal time and that’s been something that he and I really have to work on, which is just taking time for ourselves and not letting so much outside stuff come in between us.

On Having Her Own:

I’m a grinder and a hustler. I preach that I’m a 'boss chick.' Regardless of the fact that I’m married, I’m a woman who can stand up on her own feet. It’s just important to me because I want my son to do that. That’s just how I get down. I want to make my own money and I want to contribute. I don’t want to be somebody that when some sh-t goes down, I don’t have anything to fall back on.

On the Mimi-Stevie J-Joseline Love Triangle:

I woulda whooped everybody’s ass [laughs]. But I talk to Mimi sometimes and you’ll see us talk a little bit on the show. Sometimes, you can talk talk until you’re blue in the face and it don’t make no damn difference. In her case this had been going on for such a long time. It’s gonna be when she’s ready to stop dealing with the bullshit that she finally leaves, and that’s just that. A man is only gonna do what you allow them to do and if you look past certain things then the more you keep looking past it the more you’re digging yourself in a hole that you have to try to pull yourself out of She’s a beautiful girl and she deserves better.

Have you been keeping up with “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta?” What do you think of the relationships on the show or any of the other stuff Rasheeda talked about?