With the looming presence of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ sometimes you forget that Cynthia Bailey is a gorgeous model. That is, until she casually saunters into a room with her sleek frame and classic style. In person, the easy-going star is quite the contrast to some of her boisterous cast mates, so we absolutely had to inquire about her thoughts on a certain new reality show that’s causing quite a stir in Atlanta. Along with her quick chat on the forthcoming season of RHOA, Cynthia tells us how she’s extending her beauty brand. Here’s to working it on and off the runway.

EBONY: What can you tell us about the upcoming season of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta?’

Cynthia Bailey: Well, the last time you saw us was the reunion and it got a little heated. Let’s just say that you definitely want to follow us into the next season because we had a lot of stuff to resolve. I will say that we’re presently shooting and there may or may not be a couple of new housewives in the mix.

EBONY: Do tell. 

CB: That’s all I can say.

EBONY: We’ve heard about Sheree Whitfield leaving the show, but are any of the other housewives not coming back?

CB: The only one that has been confirmed, that we know for sure is not coming back, is Sheree Whitfield.

EBONY: How do you feel about Sheree leaving the show?

CB: Sheree and I were never really close friends on the show, but I never want anyone to—I mean—if it was her choice not to come back, then great, but I never want to see someone get fired. You know, this is our livelihood. This is how we work, so, regardless of whether or not I’m friendly with them, I know it’s a job for them. I never want to stop someone from getting a check.

EBONY: There is another reality show currently on the air that’s based in Atlanta and the reception has been mixed. How do you feel about ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta?’

CB: The great thing about reality TV is that if something is a little too much for you and you just really feel like it’s not your thing, you don’t have to watch it. I think there’s an audience for all of these different shows.  Some people are going to relate to the ‘Housewives’ and some people are going to relate to ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ and some women are going to relate to ‘Basketball Wives.’ It’s all very individual. My opinion is that if I don’t feel comfortable watching, I just turn the channel.

EBONY: So…do you watch it?

CB: (smirking) Anything I don’t feel comfortable watching, I just turn the channel.

EBONY: Got it. Let’s chat about The Bailey Agency, your fashion school. Atlanta is known for its bevy of curvy women, so how are you incorporating that into your school? 

CB: Beauty comes in all kinds of packages. Curvy girls are definitely gorgeous. I’m not closed to that and I don’t think the industry is closed to that. The market is a very big market and we welcome all shapes and sizes.

EBONY: Along with the Bailey Agency, we hear you now have a hair extension line? 

CB: It’s called Hair Couture. I received so much attention from the hair I wore on the reunion show that we’re now offering it. It was this gorgeous 18 inch piece and I enhanced it with a wave iron. I love some long hair. It’s easy.

Cynthia encourages fans to reach out to her on Twitter @cynthiabailey10 for more info on her new line.